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Trust Hero Awards

Our Trust Hero awards are usually reserved for supporters who have put in a special effort and gone above and beyond to make an impact and improve our community. This week we gave out four awards for slightly different reasons.

The recent legal battles were very stressful, and at times supporters could have been forgiven for thinking that Swindon Town was heading for huge trouble. But we got through it, and it was thanks to a lot of time, effort, money and specialist advice that the club ownership finally changed hands.

We’ve got our Swindon back

These four awards are in recognition of the people who worked so hard, along with supporters and #FanPower, to navigate through a complex legal minefield and help us face the future with huge positivity.

Trust Hero: Clem Morfuni

We all know Clem by now, and he’s made a big impact on our community with his very engaging style. We felt it was appropriate to acknowledge the financial commitments he’s made to help drag our club back from “the brink of collapse”. His leadership, vision and willingness to collaborate with supporters will make all the difference going forwards.

Trust Hero: Colin West QC

Colin West of Brick Court Chambers in London practises in commercial law and competition law. His commercial law practice covers contractual disputes (including shareholder disputes) and as we all observed, he played an absolute blinder for STFC in the courts! Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Colin, but his award has been sent on.

Trust Hero: Eddie Parladorio

Eddie is Founder and Senior Partner of Hanover Bond Law and over the last 30 years he has accumulated a wealth of experience in litigation / dispute resolution. This experience proved to be crucial to success in the Swindon Town court case and he was instrumental in delivering the outcome we all wanted.

Trust Hero: James Maton

James heads Cooley’s UK disputes practice and acts for companies in a wide range of commercial, contractual, privacy, and product liability disputes. For several years, he’s also been providing pro-bono (free) legal advice to TrustSTFC in various areas and most recently put in a huge amount of work to help pick through the complex legal papers being presented in the Swindon Town case. He was at the very forefront of our work, helping Town fans to be well informed throughout – we would have been lost and confused without him. Thank you James!

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