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THE County Ground
Community Fund

The County Ground Community Fund is simply a separate bank account managed by the Trust and as we are a registered and regulated community society, we can take donations in a legal and tax-efficient way. 

Please be advised that signing up to the County Ground Community Fund does not automatically sign you up as a Voting Share/Trust Member. You also need to purchase a Voting Share at £19.69 for this.

The CG Fund has a restricted use and any donations to the Community Fund can only be spent on developing the County Ground and surrounding area.

Our plan is to work in partnership with Swindon Town Football Club and we aim to collaborate with all other supporter groups to raise funds for stadium improvements over the coming years.

We’d like supporters to pledge a regular amount on a monthly basis, and commit to that for years to come, but we are of course conscious of the cost-of living challenges out there. Ultimately we want people to donate whatever they can comfortably afford, and to do that whenever they can.

Please note: The County Ground Community Fund operates as a purely optional pledge system that can be stopped or restarted at any time. If you can’t commit to a monthly donation, then occasional one-off donations are also welcomed.