Shares and County Ground Fund FAQ/Instructions – TrustSTFC


1. Voting Share Purchase



  • If you’re an existing TrustSTFC member then you don’t need to do anything as you will be sent your voting share certificate before end of March 2023.
  • If you’re not a current member then you can follow the instructions below:

·       Go to 

·       You will see the screen below when you click on the Voting share purchase button.

·        If you click on the Donate now button you can also add in a regular payment to the County Ground Fund.

·       If you want to check out, you can do that by clicking on Procced to Checkout

By clicking on Procced to Checkout you will see the form below, please complete that including, your address, phone, email address and payment details. The system will also ask you to enter a password. This creates your personal account on the TrustSTFC website.

Once you have completed the form and added in your payment details you can click on Place Order

Once you do that, you will receive confirmation emails.

If you’re not an existing Trust member you will then also be signed up to our mailing list and Trust membership database.

After about 30 mins you should then get an email stating your have a voting certificate, which you can then download.



What does my certificate look like?

 You can download the voting share certificate, it is a PDF file which you can print or store on my phone/computer