Enquire to Become an Officer/Board Member – TrustSTFC

Enquire to become
an officer/board member

If you are interested in becoming a TrustSTFC Board member or Trust officer and have skills in the following areas, please get in contact below. 

  • A trust board member is one with a specific role on the board of TrustSTFC and voted onto the board by members and existing board members. A board member will have s specific role on the trust board and can vote on decisions and also attend out board meetings.
  • A trust officer is a good entry into TrustSTFC and is similar to a board member but doesn’t include voting rights and its mandatory officers attend board meetings. Officers do not need to be voted onto the board by members as board members do.
Board Member

Desirable Skills for Officers and Board members include but are not limited to:

  • Digital Marketing 
  • IT
  • Social Media
  • Business Acumen
  • Finance 
  • Business Law
  • Project Management
  • Environmental and Sustainability