TrustSTFC Member Scarves Update – TrustSTFC

TrustSTFC Member Scarves Update

Over the past three months TrustSTFC board members have been handing out scarves to bronze members or above at home games.  These have gone down really well, with over 350 handed out and it’s great to meet so many members.

As part of the feedback we received, a lot of members were keen to donate their scarves to young fans, which will help bring a new generation of fans to the County Ground.  In total our members have donated over 150 scarves to local schools or local football clubs, which they have all really apprcieated.

We have a few photo’s of young fans with scarves, which is great to see!

We will carry on looking for ways to keep encouraging young fans to the County Ground, If you have any questions or feedback then please let me know.