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DAN THE FAN: We all dream of a team of Louis Reed’s

Dan the Fan

Half an hour after Town lost to Leyton Orient at the County Ground on April 18th, the Twitter account ‘Out of context Swindon Town’ tweeted, “Am fuming. Left my Walsall ticket on my car window. Just got back to my car and someone has smashed the windows and left 5 more.

This was a funny, but also painfully accurate tweet, as just a few days previously thousands of Town fans had got hold of their ticket for the highly anticipated end of season clash with Walsall, but leaving SN1 that night I felt the season was over, the trip to Walsall would be an anti-climax.

But following the limp, lifeless performance on that April afternoon Town has managed to pull off a stunning comeback, and now find themselves with a chance of making the playoffs.

After a helping hand from Bradford City, who beat fellow playoff chasers Sutton United on Saturday afternoon, Town now has their playoff destiny in their hands, which is something I was convinced had slipped through our fingers.

The 2-1 scoreline from Saturday does a real disservice to the entire afternoon as Town dominated from start to finish, but could simply not put the game to bed.

After missing an easier chance a few minutes beforehand, Josh Davison put Town ahead in front of the fans inside the Stratton Bank, having fans back on the bank was a wonderful sight, and when possible, something which needs to be done more next season.

Huge credit needs to go to the Trust and Supporters Club for making this possible, it added an incredible amount to the occasion, and shows what is possible moving forwards with the County Ground.

Again, Town bossed the second forty-five minutes but failed to put away a hat full of chances, before Barrow defender Matthew Platt silenced the 13,132 Swindon fans in attendance.

It seemed the hard work put in recently would be wasted before Man of the Match Louis Reed calmly tucked away his chance past Paul Farman in the Barrow goal to send the County Ground into pure ecstasy.

But despite this result, the job isn’t done, despite three wins in a row and other results going our way, next Saturday could easily turn into another ‘what if’ moment in Town history if we fail to get a result.

With over 3,500 Swindon fans making the trip to Bescot Stadium, it’s going to be a day to remember, let’s hope it’s the day we began our playoff journey to Wembley.

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