2023/24 Season Tickets – TrustSTFC

2023/24 Season Tickets

Following discussions between Swindon Town FC, TrustSTFC and the Official Supporters Club (OSC), the club has now revised its pricing structure for 2023/2024 season tickets. 

Initially, the proposals put to supporter groups suggested pricing that we felt was too steep an increase, and both the Trust and OSC recommended to instead introduce a price freeze for a specified period, to reward fans’ loyalty and maximise renewals. 

However, the club stated that a freeze is not feasible due to operational costs rising by 17% for the year ahead, and also the club’s current financial position, where we are still recovering from the debt that was inherited in 2021. 

A price freeze would contribute to a significant loss, which in turn would impact investment into the squad under financial fair play rules. 

Discussions and counter-proposals continued in a very professional manner and we thank the club for sharing the reasoning behind their final proposal, which involves a small increase in the new season ticket price until the end of April (around 5%) for both renewals and new supporters, followed by a larger increase (around 10%) thereafter. 

Both TrustSTFC and OSC have expressed their satisfaction with these collaborative discussions regarding the pricing structure for 2023/2024 season tickets. Despite the initial proposals of a significant increase, a compromise solution has been found that we feel minimises the impact on fans while supporting the club’s financial sustainability ambition. 

They are on sale from Monday – click here to read all about the pricing, how to renew and more about the club’s aims for the year ahead.

The Trust and OSC continue to work with Swindon Town Football Club to ensure that the best interests of the fans are represented in all decision-making processes.