Farewell to Chief Executive, Rob Angus – TrustSTFC

Farewell to Chief Executive, Rob Angus

Swindon Town Supporters’ Trust (TrustSTFC) today bids farewell to Rob Angus, who has stepped down from his role as Chief Executive of Swindon Town Football Club. Rob’s departure marks the end of an era for our Club, and we would like to take a moment to acknowledge his tremendous contributions.

Rob, a lifelong fan of Swindon Town, assumed the role of Chief Executive in July 2021, leaving behind a stable job at Nationwide to take on the formidable challenge of leading our Club. His appointment came during a period of great turmoil, following a hostile takeover which left us with an empty bank account, skeleton staff, and only a handful of footballers.

Rob’s unique perspective as a dedicated football fan brought a breath of fresh air to his new position, despite the inherent challenges. Over his tenure, he oversaw some impressive changes which have left an indelible mark and while many of these changes are now an integral part of our Club’s identity, they were once unprecedented and it’s easy to forget the progress which has been made.

One of Rob’s notable achievements was his unwavering commitment to open communication with Town fans, where he has been the most visible Chief Executive the Club has ever had.

He chaired a monthly advisory board which brought together representatives from the Club, Supporters Trust, and Supporters Club, offering detailed insights into the Club’s operations. He also attended many Official Supporters Club ‘On the Sofa’ Fans Forums, hosted in-person Fans Forums, and actively engaged with supporters via email and even WhatsApp. Whenever he was spotted around the ground, his phone never stopped ringing as he addressed various issues.

Rob also played a pivotal role in managing the Club’s debt and resolving a host of legacy issues, including negotiations with suppliers, HMRC, the council, and former employees. His presence extended beyond the stadium, as he actively engaged with the local community, visiting schools and youth football Clubs to inspire the next generation of Swindon Town fans. Thousands of free tickets were distributed to young families in the area during his tenure, making our Club more accessible to the community.

Rob was also at the forefront of a Memorandum of Understanding which he signed on behalf of the Club, outlining the relationship between Swindon Town and the Supporters Trust and one of the first Trustees of the Swindon Town Football Club Museum charity.

And of course, he was a key figure in the County Ground purchase, initially representing the Trust for several years, attending countless meetings and conference calls. Later, he took on the role on behalf of the Club and was one of the founding directors of The County Ground Stadium Custodians Ltd, a joint venture which now owns the County Ground stadium.

Rob’s dedication to the Club has been nothing short of exceptional. His job often required him to work seven days a week, travel across the country, and confront significant challenges at any time of the day. This commitment meant spending a lot of time away from his wife and kids.

We hope that Rob now gets the opportunity to enjoy some valuable family time, celebrate his forthcoming 50th birthday with a well-deserved beer or two, and once again get back to the enjoyment of supporting his beloved Swindon Town from the Town End, alongside his son James.

As a lifelong fan, Rob deserves every credit for the work he has done. He has poured his heart and soul into our Club and his contributions have been invaluable, leaving a lasting impression and setting new standards for his successor to follow and build upon.

Rob Angus, thank you for your unwavering dedication and service to Swindon Town Football Club.