End of Season Fans Survey Report – TrustSTFC

End of Season Fans Survey Report

After Swindon Town Football Club’s worst-ever league position and points tally under the modern league format, on Thursday 25th April 2024, TrustSTFC launched a survey to all fans to capture the views and opinions of Swindon Town supporters ranking aspects of the football club for importance and levels of satisfaction.

We received more than 2,000 responses which paints a clear sentiment of concern regarding the state of the football club on and off the field, demonstrating a lack of confidence in the Club’s leadership (1.5 average satisfaction score on a scale of 1 to 5) and the strategic direction of the football club (1.54 average satisfaction score on a scale of 1 to 5).

As a direct result of the survey outcomes, we anticipate that more than 10% of our 5,100 Season Ticket holders will not renew. In addition, a striking 26% are undecided about whether to renew their season tickets for the forthcoming 2024/ 2025 season.

TrustSTFC Chair, Neil Hutchings, said “There is growing discontent with the current ownership, leadership and overall Club strategy. At recent Advisory Board meetings, the Club have reflected on a noisy minority of social media accounts sharing their frustrations, not believing that there was a bigger issue at hand. The results of this survey show that these frustrations are widely shared.”

He continued, “On May 2nd we presented a draft summary of the survey results to the Chairman and CEO at the Advisory Board, setting out the five top and bottom satisfaction results, together with season ticket intentions. Today we have shared the full report with the Club and call on them to reflect on the discussion which took place at the Advisory Board, particularly around strategy, confidence in the leadership team and performances on the pitch. Promises are no longer enough, actions are required and quickly.”

“The Trust has always said that we want a financially stable and well-run club, regardless of who the owner is. If the current ownership and leadership team are unable (or unwilling) to provide a demonstrable path to achieve this, the results of this survey suggest that Swindon supporters are no longer prepared to provide their unconditional support and are looking for change. We at the Trust will play our part in bringing that change about.”

To see the full results of the End-of-Season Survey, please download the report by clicking on the link below.