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TrustSTFC Press Release in response to STFC FA Charges

Wednesday 7th April 2021 for Immediate Release

TrustSTFC were disappointed to learn today of FA charges being issued to Swindon Town FC, Lee Power, First Touch Management and Michael Standing .

TrustSTFC assume that these FA Charges are linked to the ongoing legal proceedings and upcoming court case on the formal ownership of Swindon Town Football Club. TrustSTFC would like to go on record and state that if the FA do find any wrongdoing has occurred in their investigation and associated charges , that they deal with the individuals appropriately but do not take action that will penalise the football club specifically as it will be largely the loyal fan base of STFC that will suffer in this scenario which would be unjustly unfair.

TrustSTFC will be making further enquiries to establish exactly what the situation is and also to understand any potential actions which may manifest from this investigation / charges should it be proven that rules have been broken. The matter will also be discussed further at our Board meeting on Thursday 8th April and any further updates will be issued via further press releases in due course on our website.

Should the FA wish to speak to TrustSTFC on this matter we would be more than happy to discuss this with the FA teams to explain our rationale for the above statement.

TrustSTFC Board.

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