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TrustSTFC Update on Club Accounts Review Process

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The TrustSTFC board wants to update members on the ongoing evaluation of the club’s accounts. Club chairman Clem Morfuni offered the Trust the opportunity to review the financial position in the September 23 Advisory Board meeting. Since then, we’ve been actively working with the club to organise the review. Our goal is for Scott Curtis, the Trust Treasurer and Management Accountant, to present a clear analysis of the club’s finances to members in an understandable manner.

While the process was expected to take time, we’ve encountered delays beyond our control. Despite frustrations, we have initiated the process with an initial meeting. We acknowledge the criticism regarding the lack of communication and are committed to providing updates, even if progress is minimal.

We are disappointed in the current stage of progress and are actively engaging with the club to expedite the review. We will continue to press for the next stage and offer solutions to accelerate progress. The Trust board commits to providing a further update, regardless of the level of progress, by Thursday, December 21.

We remain passionate about concluding this process to offer members a clear analysis of the club’s finances. We acknowledge communication mistakes and appreciate your continued support as we work towards providing the analysis you want to see.

The TrustSTFC Board.